Who should you ban on Ivern?

A guide on who to ban as Ivern. This includes bans for all 5 roles and the reasons why.

Who should you ban on Ivern?

Across every role on Ivern, there's a handful of champions that hard counter him for various different reasons. In this post, I'll go over the champions that I ban and why they're such bad matchups.


In the jungle, Ivern has the worst time vs invade-heavy junglers. It's gotten a lot better with the recent s13 jungle changes, but being invaded still remains his main weakness. Another weakness that Ivern has is against ranged junglers, since they don't have to extend as far during ganks and are harder to countergank as a result. These 2 factors reflect in the bans of Graves and Kindred who are both invade heavy ranged junglers.

Graves and Kindred

Graves is also particularly difficult due to his interaction with Daisy. His autos not only knock Daisy back, but also apply a bit of hitstun, making it impossible to stick her on Graves and/or anyone nearby.

Note: I'd actually argue that Karthus and Fiddlesticks are worse counters to Ivern jungle, but they aren't worth banning due to low pickrate.


In mid lane, the main champions that Ivern struggles against are champions with persistent zone control. Since he relies heavily on returning to his bush for onhit damage, champions who are able to zone him from his bush will naturally be very hard counters.

Orianna and Azir

Orianna and Azir are the best champions at persistent zone control. When you place a bush to attack out of, Orianna can place her ball in it and Azir can drop a soldier there, both making you unable to walk back in without getting hit. You can expect basically 0 prio before level 6 in these lanes without jungle help.

Despite how bad these matchups are, neither of them are my go-to ban when playing Ivern mid. That spot would go to Rengar.


Rengar usually has a tricky time ganking mid due to the lack of bushes, but Ivern changes everything. When the enemy jungler is Rengar, it means you're unable to place any bushes in aggressive locations. The reason why this is specifically worse for Ivern mid is because ganking mid is a lower commitment than ganking a side lane. If you're playing Ivern top against Rengar jungle, you can bush further up when you know Rengar is botside or to lure him to stay topside, but on the other hand mid lane is always accessible for a gank.

Ivern mid into Rengar jungle is far less playable than any of his worst lane matchups, so I'd only recommend banning anything else if your jungler picks him or if he's already banned.


Ivern's worst top lane matchups are ones that can abuse your lack of mobility and low range (for a ranged champion). There's plenty of matchups like this such as Olaf or Darius, but one champion stands out as way worse than the rest.

Aatrox and Rengar

Aatrox is a very hard counter to Ivern for many reasons. He's very good at punishing low-mobility champions, since landing Q1 will confirm the rest of his combo unless you flash. However, unlike other champions, slowing Aatrox doesn't do much. He still has just as much access to Q and E, so slowing him during his combo usually won't do much. This means that if you dodge towards him to avoid his Q1 sweetspot and land E, you still can't run away because he can hit you with Q2 or W.

Aatrox's R also has a really disastrous interaction with Daisy. When Aatrox casts ult, it fears nearby minions/monsters for 3 seconds, Daisy included. This forces Ivern to only be able to cast ult after Aatrox, which is hard considering that you'll need to find time to wait the 0.5s cast time while being run down.

Rengar is also a bad matchup for obvious reasons, and counts as a good ban for both top and jungle. I still ban Aatrox over Rengar due to pickrate, but both are very solid choices.


Ivern in ADC or Support only really works due to his ability to create bushes and drop vision, which impedes their ability to auto attack you. Since you normally want to position parallel to your support in bot lane, Ivern's bushes mean you can hold a normal formation while also both being hidden in bushes. With that being said, the worst matchups are ones that can break that strategy.

Zeri and Caitlyn

Zeri is very bad for Ivern because she can not only attack you without vision with Q, but also steals shields with her passive. I'd recommend permabanning Zeri if you want to play Ivern in bot lane.

Caitlyn is also tricky due to her long range and traps. She has an entire 175 range over Ivern, making it very difficult to do anything to her unless you can land Q. Her traps also mean that she can block off your bushes, which is especially bad if you get pushed under tower.

Both of these matchups are equally bad, so which one you choose is up to preference (or current meta/pickrates).

Thanks for reading! This was a shorter post, but there's some really interesting ones in progress that I'm excited to share. I've been spending all of my free time in ranked from the start of the season, but now that things are calming down I'll definitely be spending more time writing.

also, if you aren't an ivern player, please don't use this as a "how to counterpick garbocan" guide ;-;